Wednesday 9/13/2017 8 pm
Larry Kelp Radio Show KPFA Radio, Berkeley.
I will be on the Larry Kelp’s "Sing Out" Radio show Sept. 13th, after 10 pm, and will be talking about my upcoming presentations called "Some Mondays with Marc" that will take place at the East Bay Media Center in Berkeley. I will be describing my upcoming themes, and doing some live music on Larry’s show as well.

 Friday 9/1/2017 through Sunday 12/31/2017 7 to 10:30 pm.
Some Mondays with Marc E.B. Media Center, 1939 Addison At., Berkeley, Ca.
Marc Silber will be doing a series of "themes" from his 60 year,starting Monday, Sept. 18th about his involvement with Music and Life: history , teaching, performing, wandering, restoring and making guitars, etc. A lifetime of memoirs including the personal side. Once the official dates are set these themes will be announced. These presentations will be every other Monday evening. See the Flyer on the web site, or phone 510-325-0720 for information.


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