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Photo of MS Steel String Guitar w/ Cutaway (7k)
Photo is of "cutaway" model

After many years of playing and restoring older guitars I decided to produce guitars in the style of the original “Stella” guitars made at the turn of the century through the 1930s. Countless original "roots" musicians like Leadbelly, Blind Willie McTell, etc. made this type of guitar famous. Many ethnic based guitarists also used these in traditional European string bands (Italian, German, and others) and many traditional American string bands as well. There was this reason: they sounded the best of all the inexpensive guitars available!

I decided to produce a very high quality instrument in this style, that is ladder-braced and this is what Marc Silber steel string guitars are; a modern high-quality version of this type of instrument being excellent for fingerstyle, or used with the flat pick in bands. I choose fine, air-dried woods in general and all my instruments are hand-made.

The woods are engelmann spruce for the top, palo escrito rosewood (Mexico) for the body (occasionally other woods are used), and rosewood for the fingerboards. All the guitars have a 12-frets to the body neck with a graphite-epoxy rod installed for stabilization. Modern style enclosed geared tuners are standard.

The sound has been described as loud and clear, with an unusually fast response, and this is the sound that was preferred by roots musicians as they had to perform in many conditions including out-of-doors. This model suits the delta style of blues also, being very good for slide playing.

Many modern players of classical music also enjoy this style guitar with a wider neck style, and being accurate in the tuning unlike most other steel string guitars. The mid-range is emphasized and this gives Marc Silber Guitars their great carrying power. The body is 15 inches wide (like “000” and “OM” models), and features a cutaway and a neck with 12-frets to the body. This allows access to the upper frets and places the bridge more in the middle of the body giving it a more even sound and longer sustain. The scale length is 25.25”. And the neck is 1 ” at the nut.

Each instrument is patiently set-up, and individually checked out to be in tune and play well before being put up for sale. This includes “voicing” the top of each guitar after it has been otherwise completed.

All Marc Silber Guitars feature nitro-cellulose lacquer finishes.