Some Articles About Marc Silber

“MARC SILBER: A Life of Inquiry And Respect Towards Exotic Traditions”
What we think of as Blues today has been chopped, tailored and regularized, cutting out much of the strangeness and irregularities. The proto-blues of the turn of the 19th century was played by illiterate musicians who often played the guitar with a slide, rendering the tempered tuning of the frets irrelevant.

“Going To A Better Land”
Marc Silber, Berkeley, CA. Review by Norman L. Beberman, Staff Writer

Blue Fiddler – Common Ground, Sept 2004
An article about blues fiddler, Vasser Clements. Mentions duet with Marc Silber

Blues, More Blues & Guitar
Marc Silber describes his early days

12 String Guitars — Lead Belly Letter, Fall 1993

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