My Friend Tom Bruce

One day I was playing my guitar outside a cafe in North Berkeley and a guy asked me if I teach that type of music. I said yes and Tom Bruce started coming to my Roots of USA music classes.

Tom has been important for me and my Marc Silber Music business for over two decades. I would be lost without his generosity and his hands-on help. He keeps my tech together and has produced most of my recordings

He has also been a good and dedicated friend. We eventually traveled together a bit and had some great times in Paracho, Michoacan, Mexico when I was running the Marc Silber Guitar Co. during the 1990s and where we built hand-made guitars. There were some times we shared there we are still laughing about.

Tom is very keen minded and has been helpful to me in decision making as well. And as far as a teacher Tom is very good if demanding about we students making errors after he has once showed us the way to do something. I hope I have not been too slow minded in this age of electronics. He is also an accomplished musician and song maker. You can find his music at

So this is a short tribute to a good and trusted friend . I hope we can share more years here in Berkeley. Many, many thanks to Tom Bruce from me,

Marc S. Silber, Berkeley, California, August, 2023

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